Friday, 17 April 2009

In The Nick Of Time...

... The quilt is finished! I am very happy with it, here it is in all its quiltyness.

I'm not sure about the jellyfish but I gave it a shot lol! I used a sheer fabric so you can see through it. I quilted around it, maybe I should have quilted over the ribbons, I'm still not sure! Here's a close-up.

I like the fish, I used a solid fabric underneath and then a sheer on top for the fins and tail. I do worry how long that sheer is going to last on there, I may have to repair it in the future.

They look good for now anyway :)

The boys are finally home tomorrow! I've been feeling really sad these last few days, missing them soooo much. I'm sure by Sunday I'll be wondering if they were ever away, but right now I just want to snuggle them so close and eat them all up!

Oh and I made a gorgeous blueberry cake with cream cheese icing to console myself :D


  1. very beautiful quilt ! Marika

  2. Mmmm, mmm, mmmm. Send a piece of that cake my way :) Your quilt is nifty. Love the turtle.

  3. Beautiful quilt but where is my slice of cake?? YUM!!

  4. What a great quilt! I love turtles. Good jellyfish I think!

  5. Love your quilt! How clever of you. The jellyfish is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. ; )