Thursday, 9 April 2009

Here Comes The Sun

Gorgeous spring day yesterday, both boys collected some flowers for me in the garden. A gorgeous bunch of bluebells from George, he knows what I like :)

In my lovely dinky milk bottle from Sage. And yes that is a simply gorgeous Alessi salt and pepper set in the background there (thank you Dad & Ann x ).

Thomas took a mini jug and filled it with flowers, including a big dandelion. I love that even dandelions are pretty when you're 4 :)

Everywhere you look in the garden you'll see a white animal but I couldn't get them all in one shot, Joey is missing from this one, more from him in the future.

Quick break from the garden for 'cowboy' tea

But he couldn't be kept in for long, the sausage made it to the trampoline when I turned my back.

Cheeky monkey!

George is desperate to get up the tree by himself, the rope isn't helping much. We have some treated lengths of wood that we intend to saw into 'steps' and nail to the tree, hope the tree can handle a few nails. In the meantime, plenty of effort and lots of giggles but he's still at the bottom!

Here's to many more sunny days soon!

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