Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Disaster So Early In My Blogging Adventure

It was supposed to be a long post about strawberry cupcakes. I took lots of pictures, like this one of me blending strawberries.

I adapted a trusted cupcake recipe, I decided to replace the milk quantity with the blended strawberry, liquid for liquid what could go wrong?

I realised something was wrong when I had to bake them for 50 mins just to get them 'set'. What I ended up with were sunken soggy cupcakes, beautiful cases though :P

I decided to ice them and brave it out. Even the icing went wrong. My imagined swirls of strawberry hued icing with crushed meringue on top, actually turned out as a blob of nasty pink icing with chunks of meringue that wouldn't stick.

They tasted like a kind of suet pudding when warm, when completely cooled they tasted like rubber.

I will try again, I love strawberries, I love cupcakes, I will make this work...

...just not anytime soon.

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